• Soft foam with extra bounce
    • Easy to sit and get up; ideal for older people
    • Space-saving slim recliner
    • Made with high quality PVC
    • Easy to clean & maintain

Core Benefits
World Class Mechanism

Use world renowned mechanism from Legitt & Platt, designed in America and Okin Motors, designed & made in Germany

Infinite Positions

Make day’s stress and exhaustion vanish and experience Zen-level relaxation with infinite positions.

100% No Animal Cruelty

The leatherette doesn’t support animal cruelty unlike genuine leather products.

Sturdy Solid Wood structure

All recliners are crafted with good quality solid wood which makes it durable and lasting.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The upholstery is children friendly and easy to maintain.

Stylish Aesthetic Look

All products are designed by creative experts to give an aesthetic and stylish look.

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