At Kreation, we have the best low-cost memory foam mattress, specifically designed to give support to people suffering from back pain. The addition of high-density latex, like Moulded PU foam, provides the required bounce & comfort and makes it the best mattress for back pain. Choose your level of indulgence from our several variants.


The Kreations range of high-performance, premium mattresses are designed to match your lifestyle and sleep needs. These mattresses are made using 4 types of Special foams.

  • High Resilient (HR) Moulded Foam
    • All our mattresses use High Resilient (HR) Moulded Foam as a base with a Moulded Density of 50-55 kg/m3. This means the mattress retains its shape for much longer due to high Molecular weight and pure foam. This is the standard foam used for Automotive and Two Wheeler Industries, where the retention of shape is essential, even after several million compressions.
Our mattresses retain their shape longer due to high molecular weight and pure foam
  • Moulded Memory Foam
    • Our Visco-Elastic (Memory) Foam is made using an India - first moulding technology which produces single piece foam layer upto 3 2mt x 2mt At 70-75 Kg/m, our Memory Foam has the best “slow recovery” (upto 10 seconds) which gives best enveloping feel to the user.
NASA technology to keep you cool and peaceful all through the night
  • Latex Feel Moulded PU Foam
    • Our very high density, super bouncy foam virtually acts and feels like latex, minus its disadvantage of perishing. Latex feel PU foam offers long life with soft feel. Moreover, the open-cell structure cools the skin on contact.
Experience natural body contouring and relieved pressure points
  • Gel Care Technology
    • We use specially developed Liquid Gel, which is infused in the HR foam for imbibing breathability to our foam layer, providing sleeping comfort even without the use of any soft layer. The infusion of this energy-absorbing gel particle keeps you cool and fresh all night.
The ultimate cool sleeping experience all night
  • 1-2
    • Dream
  • 3-4
    • Imagina Ultimate Dream Majestic Imagina Majestic Rejuve Majestic Rejuve Ultimate
  • 5-6
    • Dream Perfect Rejuve Majestic Spina Comfort Rejuve Ultimate
  • 7-8
    • Spina Support Majestic Spina Support Perfect
Sleep Position Ideal Firmness for PPI weight Less than 55 Kg Ideal Firmness for Average Sleepers (55 to 80 Kg) Ideal Firmness for Heavy Sleepers (More than 80 Kg)
Side 'Soft' (2) to 'Medium Soft' (4) 'Soft' (3) to 'Medium Soft' (4) 'Medium' (5) to 'Firm' (7)
Back 'Soft' (3) to 'Medium' (5) 'Medium' (5) to 'Firm' (7) 'Medium Firm' (6) to 'Firm' (8)
Stomach 'Soft' (3) to 'Medium' (5) 'Medium' (5) to 'Firm' (7) 'Medium Firm' (6) to 'Firm' (8)
Combination 'Soft' (3) to 'Medium Soft' (4) 'Medium Soft' (4) to 'Medium Firm' (6) 'Medium' (5) to 'Firm' (7)
    • No Motion Transfer
    • Anti-Mites & Allergen Proof
    • Infused Cool Gel Technology
    • Sag Free Foam
    • Moulded Memory Foam
    • Fully Moulded HR Foam

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