Pulin Shah

A plastics engineer and diploma in business management, with relevant working experience of more than 35 years in all, related to the field of Polyurethanes. Pulin Shah has hands-on knowledge about seating systems manufacturing, has worked with 'Insitu' puf foam since 1984. Pioneered, integral skin PU foam moulding for Godrej chair armrests, in 1985. Created and implemented polymer division of PAE as project manager and plant manager to manufacture seating, steering wheels & RIM bumpers for Padmini & 118NE cars. He has gained experience of civil contracting for 5 years after leaving PAE in 1995.

Developed & produced first fully moulded PU sofa using Italian moulds. Developed and supplied one-piece detachable module seat-backs to transport corporation like GSRTC & RSRTC

Established large retail outlet for furniture, in Vadodara in 2002. Expanded the sofa manufacturing base, from 1 sofa set per day to 50 sets per day. Implemented conveyorised sofa manufacturing on the lines of auto seat making. Catering to large retail chains, as OE supplier.

RPL today under his tutelage has established itself as one of the front-runners of sofa manufacturing in the country.

He is the founder member of PUAI & has been president of AFMT from 2010-2013 & 2016-2018 ( Two tenures)

Ronak Shah

A Software Engineer by education with a working experience of over 4 years in Software development, out of which more than half was in the Silicon Valley.

After completing his undergraduate, he gained experience working with Capgemini as a Senior Software Engineer in Bangalore & Hyderabad. He, then, went to the United States to pursue his master’s in software engineering.

He returned to India in December 2014 & joined Reactive Polymers Limited, bringing with him a new school of thought, a dynamic & fresh approach of advancing the company with computerization. He has successfully transformed the company to a technology driven manufacturing unit, always striving for excellence. He has developed immaculate systems in the company from ERP to Reporting systems, everything is online now.

He is also the founding member of BNI Venus, which is the first and the most prestigious chapter of the Vadodara region.

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