Did you know that one third of our life is spent sleeping? Well, sleep plays a vital role in our physical and mental well-being, helping you revive yourself every single time with a splash of freshness. And there’s one thing that contributes to great sleep – your mattress.

Your mattress is the platform on which your body and mind get recharged and your overall health & well-being stay enhanced. But we have one question for everyone - do you really know anything about the mattress you use?

Most people, when buying a mattress pay attention on the price, the features and the warranty it comes with and hardly think about what material it is made of, is it harmful? What about the material quality, the purity of the foam used? Is the mattress the right fit for your age, body type or sleeping posture or will it be helpful in specific health conditions of the person/s who will sleep on it?

It is only after keeping these questions in mind that the brand ‘Kreations’ was born. Kreations is a brand that believes in transparency. It tells you right away that it is made of Moulded foam – the purest form of foam; the quality of materials used, the thickness of the mattress, the density – it is all out there for customers to see, understand, feel and take the decision of purchasing it. It is a mattress that involves the use of no harmful material in manufacturing and boasts of a vast collection that suits everyone’s needs.

It doesn’t matter if you belong to the Baby Boomers Generation or Generation Z, whether you sleep on your back or on the side or on your belly, there’s a perfect ‘Kreations’ mattress for you.

Kreations is manufactured from high molecular weight-moulded foam which cannot have any addition of inorganic fillers. Due to this high molecular weight, the resilience and ball rebound is extremely high which can be seen in seats of automobiles. At Kreations, we have innovated the technology used in automotive seat manufacturing and formulated a mattress that ensures the best sleep.

The entire body of Kreations mattresses have a skin of foam blocking out any microbial activity and the moulded foam ensures that the mattresses are super comfortable and are highly durable, resilient to wear and tear and guarantee consistent comfort.

Being in the Pu Foam Industry for more than 35 years, we have designed our own automated line with cutting-edge machinery to manufacture mattresses of any required dimension in a single shot. This single-shot manufacturing allows our mattresses to be seamless as it doesn’t require joining of foam or snipping.

It is on good quality foam and best materials made to suit your body type and sleeping posture that you get a good sleep and if you’re sick and tired of tossing and turning in your mattress all night long just wishing for sound sleep, Kreations is your wake-up call.

Our Vision
  • To be a world class company offering the highest possible quality
  • Delighting our customers with form, functionality and design
  • Always be committed to offer best-in-class products at affordable cost
Our Mission
  • Be the leading provider of sofas and other products across the country
  • Providing a safe and clean workplace, ensuring well-being of our team
  • Discharge social responsibility with maturity and compassion
Brand Values
6 Sigma Quality

We ensure consistency in delivering high quality products with well-defined processes and conveyorised manufacturing plants.

Timely & Prompt Delivery

With a record of 100% DSA (Delivery Schedule Adherence), we ensure timely & prompt delivery to our customers

Make in India

From sourcing to manufacturing to delivery, the products are completely Indian.

Confident Guarantee providers

Our products are built to last, which enables us to confidently provide a guarantee to our customers on all our products.

Value to the Customer

We aim to create happy & satisfied customers by valuing their input and feedback.

ISO Certified Company

We are an ISO 9001 & 14001 (2015 Update) Certified company. We are also the Business excellence Awardees (2016) by CII.

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