Everlast Collection
Spina Comfort

Covered with a superfine fabric, this mattress has a springy feel with extra cushioning and firmness, that provides the finest sleeping surface for natural spine alignment.

  • Top Edge - Coffee Brown
  • Border - Quilted Fabric With Super Soft Pure Foam

Core Benefits
Spina Comfort, 8 Year Warranty
8 Year Warranty
Spina Comfort, Open Cell
Open Cell
Spina Comfort, Better Back Support
Better Back Support
Spina Comfort, Anti-Dust Mites
Anti-Dust Mites
Spina Comfort, Anti-Skid
Spina Comfort, 3 Year Replacement Gurantee
3 Year Replacement Gurantee
Spina Comfort, No Need to Flip
No Need to Flip
Spina Comfort, Global Standards
Global Standards
Spina Comfort, Fully Moulded HR Foam
Fully Moulded HR Foam
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